List of Backend Application Functionalities

ACL 1 ACL - My Privileges(to be shown through one sso id on projector), submitting first time user mapping request (video available)
2  Intimate leave, transfer, promotion and joining report .
3 ACL-Access controlPrivileges(to be shown through one sso id on projector)
4  View My Permission, Intimation of leave/ Joining report, transfer intimation, intimation of promotion and Request for Additional Charge / Relinquish Additional Charge ,  View Request Status, User Directory (to be shown through one sso id on projector)
5 Jurisdiction management,Formation Management,User Mapping,PermissionManagement 
6 Task Lists  - ACL
Registration 7 Registration-New registration(23 grouped(AC/DC, Supdt, Insp) sso ids provided for hands on)
8 Delegate,Query,Reject, Approve
9  GST Practitioner application(23 grouped(AC/DC, Supdt, Insp) sso ids provided for hands on)
10 Amendment(AC/DC, Supdt, Insp) sso ids provided for hands on) - At present only available for New And Migrated tax payers (Reassigning jurisdiction by Range Suptd (Flip to old value to be shown through the user manual)
11 Assign taxpayer jurisdiction by CPC Superintendent  
12 Granting Suo Motu Registration (Temporary registration number)
13 Approving Cancellation requested by taxpayer
14 Resetting primary auth signatory contact details - 1) Updation of Mobile No. and email id
2) Redesignate PRIMARY  Authorised signatory3) Redesignate promoters /partners as A.S.
4)Adding New Authorised signatory
Here, also mention the facility on which taxpayers can trigger a welcome email to themselves on GST Common Portal in order to retrieve login credentials
15 Extension of Registration for casual/NRTP
16 Composition Opt In/Opt out
17 View list page of OIDAR -only for Bangalore west Commissionerate
18 REG-13 - Application for Grant of UIN
19 REG-30 - Field visit report
20 GSTR 5
21 GSTR 7
22 GSTR 8
23 Suo motu Cancellation  
Return 24 View non-filers      
25 View GSTR-1M,1Q,3b,GSTR-4,TRAN-1, TRAN-2 Returns(hands-on through dummy sso id and prod)
Refund 26 Refunds(hands-on through dummy sso id ) RFD-01A,11(LUT)
27 Create and view RFD-01 B functionalities
28 Area based Exemption(User Manual)
Payment 29 Payment(hands-on through dummy sso id)
30 Cash ledger,Liability ledger
Miscellaneous 31 Tax payer Details(hands-on through production sso id)
32 Formation Task details(hands-on through dummy sso id)
33 Advisories(advisory doc)
Reports 34 MIS reports(through officer’s live sso id)
Return 35 ITC Report
36 List of Taxpayers who have filed GSTR 3B
37 Tax Paid Offset Report
38 Turnover Report
Payment 39 Tax Deposit Break Up
40 Taxpayer wise Deposits
41 Tax Deposit Summary
42 Taxpayer have not made any deposit after registration 
43 Taxpayers who made deposits during last financial year but no deposits in current financial year
44 Comparative Gross Revenue Report-current year and previous year figures with Growth percentage
Registration 45 Daily Report on Registrations for Chief Commissioners
46 Jurisdiction profile report
47 Taxpayer Details
48 Deemed Registration
ACL 49 ACL Admin User List
50 Formation-Wise Officers List
51 PermissionSet-wise Officers List
52 Formation Details
53 Jurisdictions  without Taxpayers
54 Permission Sets without Users
55 Permission Sets  
  56 Jurisdiction wise migration of taxpayers (In and out)
Dispute Resolution and settlement 57 DRC-07 approve,initiate/create

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