Functions of DGGST

As per Board’s Office Order No. 09/Ad.IV/2017 dated 2nd August, 2017 read with Board’s Order F.No. 354/2017/2015 dated 19th September, 2017, the functions of DG GST, consequent to the implementation of GST w.e.f. 01.07.2017 will be as under:

1. Capacity Building - Developing training modules including e-training modules; training of officers of CBIC; other Central Government agencies and State GST officers, coordination with NACIN and State GST training centres; vetting of training material developed by NACIN and coordination with DG NACIN for imparting training related to GST.

2. Research and Analysis - Research and analysis of (a) Subjects relevant to GST; (b) Best practices in global environment; (c) Database and issues relating to collection of CGST, IGST and SGST.

3. Assist the Policy Wing of GST of CBIC.

4. To act as a Think Tank and an intermediary between the CBIC and field formations - Examining the issues relating to GST on the basis of inputs received from trade, professionals and other stake holders and forwarding the suggestions to GST policy wing of CBIC; Coordination with other Ministries of Centre and various state bodies for organisation of outreach programmes and training sessions.

5. Coordination with various Directorates of CBIC, Central Government Ministries/Departments and State/UT Government Ministries/Departments connected to GST - Examining the issues relating to GST on the basis of inputs received from Directorates of CBIC and other stakeholders and officers and forwarding the suggestions to GST policy wing of CBIC; coordination with State/UT GST policy wing.

6. Information Technology - Coordination with GSTN, Directorate of System, DGARM and IT Wings of State GST; making suggestions for change in IT system based on feedback from Trade, field formations, other Directorates of CBIC and other stakeholders and officers; maintaining and updating the DG GST website.

7. References received from Prime Minister’s Office and President’s Secretariat - The GST Policy Wing has been receiving lot of references from the Prime Minister’s Office and the President’s Secretariat. Each of these references/petitions required examination and uploading of the replies on the PMO replies. It has been decided that GST Policy Wing will reply to only those petitions which are in the nature of VIP references and involves issues of high importance and immediate attention. All other references will be forwarded to this Directorate for further action and uploading of replies.

8. Broadsheeting of representation from the trade/industry - Various representations received from the trade and industry on various issues relating to law and procedure shall be compiled in form of broadsheets. The same would be analysed and important issues raised which require which require a change in the law or procedure should be forwarded to the GST Policy Wing, for further necessary action, on a fortnightly basis.

9. Parliamentary Questions - Data required for answering the Parliamentary Questions would be collected and compiled from the field formations/Directorates/GSTN, as the case may be by DG GST and forwarded to the GST Policy Wing.

10. Collation/Analysis of Data - Any requirement of data and information required for policy making and specific decisions shall be got collected from the field formations by DG GST on the request by GST Policy Wing.

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