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CBIC has entered into an agreement for the establishment of ACES Certified Facilitation Centers (CFCs) by members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICSI), The Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India (ICWA) and the Institute of Company Secretary of India (ICSI). Memo has entered. These centers will be set up by eligible members of ICAI / ICWAI / ICSI, who hold valid certificates of work issued by the institutions. This effort aims to provide services utilizing ACES to tax payers who do not have the necessary IT infrastructure / resources. These services will be available to the assessee on payment of prescribed service charges for various services, such as digital conversion of paper documents and on-line filing / uploading of documents such as registration in ACES, returns, claims.

Authorized persons of ACES Certified Facilitation Center (CFC) can work in ACES on behalf of Central Excise and Service Tax assessee. After being certified by these institutions, their applications will be properly scrutinized and mailed to the CFC by the ACES application giving the information of a temporary user ID and password. The institute will be informed about issuing user ID and password. When the CFC authorized persons logon into the ACES application, they will be asked to change both using temporary ID / password. CFCs using CFCs' own user IDs and passwords will log on to this ACES application and perform tasks that an assessee can perform in ACES such as registration as an assessee, e-filing of returns, filing of return claims etc.

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User Manual for CFC (Certified Facilitation Center) Click here

For learning management software (LMS) for CFC - CFC (Online)

Click on the below hyperlink to download Learning Management Software (LMS) for CFC, a self learning training software. CFC

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For any other information or clarification on ACES, please refer to the ACES website, especially the help section, and the What's New section, which contains multi media based LMS, user manual etc. and latest developments for self-learning.

Service desk
In case of any difficulty in accessing or using the ACES application, the assessee / CFC may seek assistance from the ACES service desk by sending a mail to or on any working day from 9.00 am Monday to Friday. National toll-free number 1800 425 4251 can be called by 7.00 pm.

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